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Responsive website design

Showcase your website on all devices

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Website design

Premium website design and development starting from just $350.

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Did you know?

We can print on anything.

From plywood to plastic, aluminium to roofing iron.

Stand out from the crowd!

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Cloud solutions


website hosting

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Backup, share, and protect your data

We provide a comprehensive solution for cloud backup, archive, and file sharing. Use one or a combination of our services which work together seamlessly to form a complete data protection platform.

Flexible backup for every device

We can back up any file or folder on standard Windows and Mac machines, as well as iOS and Android devices.

  • Access and share files anywhere
  • Encrypt files and folders for all backups, using military grade encryption
  • Restore data on any device
  • Backup and recovery of iOS and Android devices

Keep all of your files, forever

With unlimited storage, keep archives of all of your files backed up, down to each file revision. Use our Timeline Recovery calendar to select a date in the past to view specific variations of backed up files.

File sharing and collaboration

  • Share files securely instead of sending large, unsecured files
  • Share any file type
  • Select and send as many files as you need.